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We manufacture smart body fluid management systems


We founded the company Hygie on a simple principle: the elimination at the source of contamination in a healthcare environment. The nosocomial problem is noticeable and a dangerous reality, it affects all healthcare providers on the planet. It is known, constant, dangerous and expensive for all health centers. At the root of this problem is the mismanagement of excreta, the biggest contaminant and the greatest challenge of the health system. To counter this problem successfully, Hygie designs, produces and markets intelligent excreta management systems.

From 2003 to 2006, the bacterium Clostridium difficile (C.Diff) made the headlines in North America and caused major problems in hospitals with infection rates that are difficult to control and hundreds of deaths. Hygie then developped the solution: hygienic absorbent liners and single patient supports to capture excreta at the source and eliminate environmental contaminants around the patient.

A growing success

Based on the recommendations of scientific experts who recognize its merits in the fight against infections, the adoption of this method by hospitals is immediate. In all units and services, Hygie systems eliminate daily problems of excreta management. The method was subsequently extended to long-term care and retirement homes with the same infectious issues.

Demand has been exponential since. To date, the Hygie solution is used in more than 800 institutions in Canada and continues to be deployed in several countries, including the United States, France, Japan, Malaysia and the Netherlands. It is now accessible on a global scale.

Innovation and sustainable development

Hygie also refines its methods by reducing its carbon footprint at every stage of the process by using 100% recycled materials in the manufacture of its hygienic liners. To date, we have diverted 200 tons of industrial waste from landfills.

We are continuing our efforts to develop new and better products that respond to the challenges and changing needs of healthcare institutions and improve the daily lives and safety of thousands of health professionals and patients.

Eric Tanguay, President and Founder

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