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Read the following terms of use carefully before using our Website. Hygie Canada Inc., whose head office is located at 4005 Boul. Matte, suite i, Brossard, Quebec, J4Y 2P4, is the exclusive owner of the Website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) and its content. At all times, your access to this Website and its use are subject to the approval and respect of the terms of use described hereunder and to any other additional terms that can be added by further modifications to the Website or its content without prior notification. Unless otherwise stated, all modifications to the terms of use come into effect as soon as it is integrated to the Website. Each new visit to the Website implies the approval of the new terms of use added since the last visit. It is strongly recommended to refer regularly to the most recent version of the terms of use.


Protection of personal information:
All personal information that you supply as a user of the Website is processed in compliance with the laws applied to the protection of personal information. It is collected and kept in a Hygie Canada Inc. databank used for your own retail relationship with us. Particularly, it is used to reply to your product and service orders while offering you other products and services that could be of interest to you. Your information is also used to establish your purchase history. You can access your user account to modify or update your information at any time. By accepting to share your personal information, either while opening an account, modifying your account or through comments sent by email or through any other means, you are accepting that Hygie Canada Inc. use this personal information for the purposes mentioned above.


Intellectual property:
The Website and its content, more particularly trademarks, texts, graphics, audio and video material, as well as their layout belong exclusively to Hygie Canada Inc. or members, suppliers or distributors, to which the rights have been given and included in the Website.

All these elements are protected under the laws on intellectual property, particularly those relating to copyright and trademarks. None of these elements can, at any time, be copied, modified or reproduced on any material whatsoever, and cannot, in whole or in part, be altered, published, broadcasted, distributed, sold, transferred or used, in any way whatsoever, without the written authorization of the precedent Hygie Canada Inc. and of any other owner of these elements, if applicable. However, all viewing or printing of the elements within this Website is allowed if it is for private, personal, and informational use, without direct or indirect commercial intentions, but as long as all the terms of use of the Website are respected.

No clause in the Website can be interpreted as specifically or implicitly given a license or any other right of usage or reproduction of trademarks or other elements included in the Website.


Links to other sites:
The Website may post links towards other Websites that do not belong to Hygie Canada Inc. These links are supplied strictly for the purpose of offering you complementary information and for your convenience. Having no control over these other Websites, Hygie Canada Inc., its administrators, executives, employees, agents or representatives are not responsible for their content or the consequences of any transmission of information that you may have supplied after accessing these third-party Websites through these links.

Including these links to the Hygie Canada Inc. Website cannot, in any way, be interpreted as an endorsement, or even a simple agreement of the content of these third-party Websites, and this, even if these Websites belong to businesses to which Hygie Canada Inc. may have business relations.


Account access, username and password:
To access your account, you must use your username and password. You must use them for lawful purposes only. You are entirely responsible for them and for the consequences that occur when used by you or whomever, including consequences of all illegal operations committed through your username and password. You must take all the necessary precautions to keep their confidentiality and this, for security purposes. Particularly, you must not disclose them to anyone, or authorize whomever to use them, except Hygie Canada Inc. authorized representative. It is strongly recommended to choose a password that only you can know with elements that cannot be linked to yourself. It is also suggested to change your password regularly and to always log out after each session.

Hygie Canada Inc. will never ask you to supply your username or password in communications that you have not solicited. Consequently, if you receive a letter, phone call or email asking you for this information, it is important to stay vigilant, as it could be fraud.

If you are aware of any unauthorized use of your username or password, if you fear that someone may know your access codes or if you think they may be lost or stolen, advise Hygie Canada Inc. immediately.


Unacceptable use:
It is forbidden to use this Website to post information that is not authorized by Hygie Canada Inc. or to insert, in any way, any kind of information intended to promote commercial interests other than those of Hygie Canada Inc., its members or its partners, or to discredit them.


Website access refusal or voidance:
All user names and passwords belong to Hygie Canada Inc. who reserves the right, at any time and to its discretion, to suspend or cancel them without prior notice.


Site modification or shutdown:
At all times and to its discretion, Hygie Canada Inc. can modify the Website or its content, or even shut it down, without prior notice.


Exclusion of guarantee:
All material, information and services relating to the Website are offered as is, without representation or particular guarantee in the limits intended by the law. Particularly, Hygie Canada Inc. its administrators, executives, employees, agents or representatives, members and commercial partners make no representation and do not supply any guarantee on behalf of the Website’s access and function, neither towards the accuracy of the Website’s content, including, without limiting the prior statement, the availability of products and services advertised, their sales appeal, price, safety, attributes, non-infringement, effectiveness of advise, tips and tricks suggested on the Website or any other form of information that could be processed.


Exclusion of liability:
You understand that the use of the Website and third-party Websites that you can access through links posted on the Website are at your own risks. Consequently, Hygie Canada Inc. its administrators, executives, employees, agents or representatives, members and commercial partners, as well as any other person involved in the creation, production, broadcast, or maintenance of the Website, is not responsible for any damage or loss, direct or indirect, caused to the user of the Website, his/her computer equipment or data, whether because of technical problems, errors or delays in the transmission of information, downloading, computer viruses or alternatively, as well as in relation to all damage or loss, direct or indirect, linked to the use of the Website by whomever, whether the access was authorized or not, to make the site impossible to use at any time or for any length of time or frequency, or following the use of a third-party Website to which you may have accessed through links posted on the Website.


Applicable law:
The laws applicable to the province of Quebec, in Canada, exercise the present terms of use of the Website.


User comments:
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