Smart body fluid management systems

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Hygie’s smart body fluid management systems rely primarily on absorption. The absorbent system includes a range of products that solidifies liquids within seconds. This system captures fluids directly at source, then their safe disposal without risk of cross-contamination. This simple and effective solution controls excreta-transmissible infections by protecting both healthcare professionals and patients.

The product range of the absorbent system is as follows:

Super-absorbent pad

The super-absorbent pad is used in all Hygienic Covers® and allows to solidify body fluids within seconds. This eliminates many significant physical and environmental risks to patients and staff, including: spills, splashing, soiled linens and clothes; transport to dirty equipment premises; cross-contamination, the survival of harmful bacteria in the patient’s environment; as well as human errors in body waste management. The super-absorbent pad also avoids the risk of improper cleaning of care equipment.

Super-absorbent stick

The super-absorbent stick helps secure the handling of hazardous biomedical waste by eliminating potential contamination related to medical containers such as suction canisters. Made of the same material as the super-absorbent pad and covered with a water-soluble film, it allows to solidify the biological fluids effectively.

Super-absorbent powder

The super-absorbent powder solidifies all liquids within seconds. It absorbs up to 300 times its weight in fluids and body materials. It is used to absorb liquids in a variety of situations including spills in different hospital units and long-term care facilities. It’s sprinkled directly on the liquids, preventing them from spreading and facilitating handling steps.

Système absorbant Hygie


  • Allows management of body fluids at source (near the patient)
  • Avoids damages and reduces cleaning time
  • Eliminates cross-contamination with other patients
  • Avoids having to transport, wash and decontaminate soiled medical devices
  • Can be used on all care units and in all types of facilities (Hospitals, Long-Term Care Centers, and Retirement Homes)


Tampon super-absorbant


The Hygie® super-absorbent pad solidifies 600 ml and more of body fluids within seconds […]

Baguette super-absorbante


The Hygie® super-absorbent stick is used in medical containers […]

Poudre super-absorbante


The hygienic super-absorbent powder can absorb up to 300 times its weight in fluids and body waste […]

Hy-SO Kit


The HY-SO Isolation Kit is a preventive tool used to proactively isolate patients once they present early symptoms […]