Smart body fluid management systems

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Bacteria are not completely eliminated by manual or automated washing and even less by hand showers or bedpan washers. There is always a risk of environmental contamination and nosocomial transmission with these methods, either during their use, or during transportation of soiled supplies, or even during spills and splashes.

Whether you seek to optimize excreta management on a daily basis or contain an isolation case, this single-patient bedpan system is the ONLY complete solution on the market that allows any scenario to be safely handled by both staff and patients.

The product range of the bedpan system is as follows::

Hy21 Bedpan Support

The Hy21 bedpan is a single-patient, ergonomic support designed to be used for the duration of patient’s stay. With Hygienic covers that contain a super-absorbent pad, it replaces all standard and orthopedic bedpans.

Bedpan Hygienic Cover

The single use, Hygienic covers® with a super-absorbent pad are the perfect solution to manage and contain body fluids at the point of care while reducing the risk of cross-contamination and cleaning chores for medical staff.

Hy21 Bedpan ProKit 

The Hy21® Bedpan ProKit is the perfect solution to effectively manage and contain body fluids at the point of care for extensive use or isolation. It combines the Hy21® Bedpan support, Extender and Hygienic covers® for bedpan / commode in an economical format.

Toilet Bowl Hygienic Cover

The disposable toilet bowl Hygienic covers® with super-absorbent pad, make it possible to transform a traditional toilet into a dry toilet. They are recommended for contaminated urine and stool and are also ideal for sample collection.

Hy-SO Kit

The Hy-SO® Kit is a prevention tool to proactively isolate a patient as soon as he or she presents the first symptoms of a nosocomial infection and prevent the spread of pathogens. The sealed kit contains a Hy21® bedpan support and Hygienic covers® with super-absorbent pad.

Hygienic Cover Dispenser

The Hygienic cover® installed at the entrance of a patient’s room or the back of a commode / breakout chair.

Wall Support

The adjustable wall support system is the perfect solution for hanging boxes of Hygienic covers®, Hy21® supports and the GO VO® box.

Hanging Scale

The hanging scale is used to weigh the amount of body fluids (urine, stool, vomiting) collected in Hygienic covers®.

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  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Avoids having to wash / decontaminate soiled medical devices
  • Eliminates transport of body fluids to contaminated equipment premises
  • Ideal for isolation cases where no equipment can leave the room
  • Avoids spills, splashes, bed linens and staff uniform changes
  • Avoids expensive investments in equipment (bedpan washer and macerator) and the infrastructure needed to install them (plumbing, electricity, space planning)
  • Usable on all units and in all types of institutions (Hospitals, Long-Term Care Centers, Retirement Homes)


Product Hygie


Used with Hygienic Covers®, the Hy21® Bedpan Support is a perfect solution to manage bodily fluids […]

Enveloppe hygiénique


The Hygienic Cover® allows to effectively manage bodily fluids at the point of care […]

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The Hy21® Prokit combines Hy21® and Hygienic Covers in one economical format […]

Hy-SO Kit


The Hy-SO Kit is a preventive tool used to proactively isolate a patient as soon as he has the first symptoms of an infection […]