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Urine management is a constant challenge: spills; environmental contamination; the time required by staff to collect, measure, transport and dispose of is a precious loss for every health institution and a risk of contamination that is more and more difficult to manage.

This Hygie urinal system addresses this problem in a simple and effective way The Hy21® Urinal Support is ergonomic with a handle that facilitates handling and allows to hang on the edge of the bed; the wide opening allows use regardless of the age and condition of the patient; finally, its elongated shape also prevents discomfort between the patient’s thighs. Universal, it can as much be used by women as by men!

The product range of the urinal system is as follows:

Hy21 Urinal Support

The Hy21® Unisex Urinal Support allows for effective management and containment of urine at the point of care. Used with urinal Hygienic covers®, it is the perfect solution to contain infectious pathogens and also to promote safe and reliable practices in the healthcare system.

Urinal Hygienic Cover

The Urinal Hygienic Covers® made from recycled material are the fast and efficient solution for disposing of urine while avoiding inconveniences such as cleaning and splashing while reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Urinal ProKit

The Urinal ProKit effectively manages urine at the point of care. It combines in a single economical format the Hy21® Urinal Support and the urinal Hygienic Covers®. This is the complete system to effectively manage urine in your facility.

Video Urinal System Hygie


  • Reduces the need for catheters
  • Allows for greater patient autonomy
  • Eliminates risks of cross-contamination with other patients
  • Avoids having to transport, wash and decontaminate soiled medical devices
  • Ideal during isolation episodes where no material can leave the room
  • No more spills, splashing and changing of bed and / or laundry for staff and patients clothing
  • Can be used on all units and in all types of institutions (Hospitals, Long-Term Care Centers, Retirement Homes)


Support urinal Hy21


The Hy21® Urinal Support can effectively manage and contain urine at the point of care […]

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Hy21 Urinal ProKit


Hy21® Urinal Prokit combines in a single economical format the Hy21® urinal support and the Hygienic covers® […]

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