Smart body fluid management systems

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The Hygie vomit system solves all problems related to the vomiting episodes in a simple and effective way. Whether in care units, emergency or paramedical service, these areas are more likely to use an emesis container commonly called kidney basin, traditionally made of plastic or cardboard. It is far from being a panacea and even further from being an effective or practical solution. The reality is more often than not a serious mess, episodes of contamination and more specifically a lot of cleaning!

The product line of the emesis system is as follows:

Hy21 Vomit Support

The Hy21® vomit support is a single-patient device used with Hygienic covers® (vomit bags) with super-absorbent pad that solidifies body fluids in less than 30 seconds. Designed with a wide opening, it prevents overflows and captures all the fluids.

It can also be used as a spittoon for patients suffering from pulmonary obstruction and used to empty a colostomy or urostomy bag in a clean and safe way.

Vomit Hygienic Cover

The Hy21® vomit support is designed to be used with Hygienic covers® (emesis bag) and to capture fluids under any circumstance. The super-absorbent pad included in each bag solidifies body fluids within seconds, eliminating spills and splashes.

Vomit ProKit

The Vomit ProKit effectively manages emesis at the point of care. It combines in a single economic format the Hy21® vomit support and the vomit Hygienic covers. This ProKit is a complete solution for managing vomiting episodes effectively in your facility.

GO VOM Vomit Bag

The GO VOM® is a portable vomit bag with a cardboard cone at the opening, an anti-reflux valve and an integrated super-absorbent pad.

Système vomitoire Hygie


  • Avoids spills and reduces cleaning time
  • Avoids having to transport, wash and decontaminate soiled medical devices
  • Eliminates cross-contamination
  • Ideal for oncology units, cancer treatment centers, emergencies and paramedical services
  • Strengthens the patient’s autonomy
  • Can be used on all units and in all types of institutions (Hospitals, Long-Term Care Centers, Retirement Homes)


Support vomitoire Hy21


The Hy21® Vomit Support is designed to be used with Hygienic Covers® (vomit bag) and to capture vomit in all situations. […]

Enveloppe hygiénique vomitoire


The Vomit Hygienic Covers® is used with Hy21® Vomit support for effective emesis management at the point of care. […]

ProKit vomitoire Hy21


The Hy21® Vomit Prokit combines in a single economical format the Hy21® Vomit Support and Vomit Hygienic covers® […]

Sac vomitoire GO VOM


The GO VOM® is a portable vomit bag with a cardboard cone at the opening, an anti-reflux valve and an absorbent pad. […]