Smart body fluid management systems

Slogan One move to protect

The unique Hygie method optimizes time for personnel while reducing the incidence of nosocomial infections. To do this, Hygie offers an unequaled service to train staff and promote the integration of simple and effective new practices.

Free samples

Free samples

Test the Hygie method today with some free samples and see for yourself how easily you will be able to integrate healthy products into your establishment.

Product Guide

Product Guide

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Service trial of Hygie products


All hospitals and long-term care facilities can request a trial today in targeted units. Hygie puts this service at your disposal and provides support and expertise according to your reality.

Service training


Practical, effective and surprisingly short training sessions, but essential for your establishment to maximize the “Hygie Effect”. Hygie supports your staff with on-site demonstrations, reinforces (in-service) best practices and answers all your questions.

FAQ Hygie


Do you have a question about our products, their use and their performance? We have the answer for you.