Smart body fluid management systems

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How can you measure output?

Weighing method with suspended cylindrical scale – calibrated for Hygienic covers

1 gram = 1 ml = 1 cc *

  • We suggest 1 per room or 1 per for 4 room minimum or soiled utility room
  • Keep in the room if under contact precautions
  • Covers available (do not immerge in liquid)
  • Fix to wall if tendency to disappear

Where do I dispose of the Hygienic cover after use?

  • In the regular garbage, just like an adult diaper
  • Most hospitals will have their own protocol regarding waste in the room, it’s easily adaptable to the protocol they feel more comfortable with (in the room, outside the room, soiled utility room, etc.)

How can I take a urine culture or stool?

  • The interior of the envelope is not sterile.
  • You must collect the urine in a sterile container and place the super absorbent pad in the Hygienic cover after taking the sample – syringe it out
  • For a stool culture, place the super absorbent pad after taking the sample – scoop it out

Can the Hygienic cover or the pad be in contact with the skin?

  • Yes, the pad and the bag do not contain any dangerous or irritating substance
  • If the genitals touches, simply wipe with dry cloth then clean the patient

Will the pad absorb any liquid?

  • Yes, it will absorb any liquid, including urine, blood or plasma


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