Smart body fluid management systems

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The different Hygie systems are beneficial at large for a health institution. The effect is immediate, not only on the control of infections and on procurement, but also on the satisfaction and commitment of the staff.

A challenging task for professionals remains undoubtedly the collection of excreta. A necessity nevertheless. By adopting the concept of hygienic covers, the nosocomial infection score improves and the working conditions of the team are facilitated.

All of Hygie’s customers will tell you that there is no turning back after adopting this approach. It’s a world’s difference for staff to no longer have to wash, rinse, transport or clean biological fluids and soiled medical devices. You close the envelope, tie it and throw it away. It is usually the word-of-mouth between colleagues that often makes the popularity of this approach spread wherever the Hygie solution is presented.

Administrators Hygie

“The nosocomial infection score improves and the working conditions of the team are facilitated.”

Humane impact

All organizations share the same reality: the turnover rate of staff, particularly nurses, affects performance, increases overtime and the use of external resources at a disproportionate cost for health centers. The latter also identified staff retention as a key strategic factor. Even a small improvement can save organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Hygie change provides an effective solution to everyday challenges that continually infuriate professionals. Satisfied staff is more engaged, and less likely to miss work, while having the right tools improves workers’ lives and reduces work-related accidents. The introduction of the Hygie system generates significant improvements at all levels.

A gradual and collegial approach

Conscious of the already constant efforts required to mobilize teams and the continuous education in the practice of care, prevention and control of infections, the Hygie approach had to adjust to that reality and accompanies organizations in the transition. Whether it is through first samples, during a live demonstration or with a trial itself, Hygie provides recommendations for a step-by-step integration.
The benefits analysis for the organization therefore comes fast, easy and does not involve additional burdens for team leaders and purchasing managers.

Keeping this perspective in mind to benefit the organization is a valuable decision in the short, medium and long term.

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