Smart body fluid management systems

Slogan One move to protect

Autonomy. Comfort. Dignity.

The Hygie approach has a proven track record in home care. It is also its knowledge of the mobility issues in the aging population that makes it a solution so appreciated by patients within a health institution.
The Hygie supports make it possible to maintain the patient’s autonomy, particularly with the urinal and the vomit supports. They also help prevent embarrassment and splashing, and preserve the dignity of patients who already have serious health problems

The ergonomic design of the systems allows greater comfort and user-friendliness to the devices without having to rely on outside help.

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“By adopting the Hygie solution, patients are protected”

Their safety at stake!

The most important aspect, of course, is the prevention and control of infections. By adopting the Hygie solution, patients are protected against cross-contamination and potentially life-threatening pathogens. It is therefore possible to avoid infections; shorten the duration of their stay in the health system; prevent logistical, physiological and psychological complications; accelerate healing and literally save lives!
Your patients also benefit !