Smart body fluid management systems

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Unexpected costs

Whether you’re working with bedpan washers, macerators, hand showers or flushing body fluids directly in the toilet, the costs and impact of these methods are often unsuspected because they are inherent to the technology itself. Comparative cost analyses incorporating all the factors unequivocally certify a gain in time and money for the institutions that make the leap toward the Hygie systems.

The following are the main cost centers that can already be reduced: patient care time, cleaning time, purchasing of detergents and disinfectants, acquisition and installation of machinery, infrastructure development, other supplies (cardboard, stainless steel or plastic bedpans), laundry (clothing and bedding), energy, water, maintenance.


“The Hygie systems require no infrastructure and no maintenance.”

Save with the Hygie systems

By definition, the Hygie systems require no infrastructure and no maintenance. The products have no expiry date, are used according to the needs of patients and thus unlock greater availability of resources! There is no other underlying cost. There is also a significant saving on the handling and transport time.

To these substantial savings should be added the reduction of nosocomial infections incidence. When we know that a single case can cost between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000, simply saving 10 to 20 cases annually represents savings of more than $ 100,000!

CSSS Yamaska ??Study: An efficiency gain of $ 40,007

Montreal University Hospital Center Analysis: Savings of $ 76,037 over one year compared to the use of bedpan washers

The training is provided by Hygie and its partners and takes very little manpower time. Hygie is known for providing an excellent training service according to your schedule, technical support and customer service.

The approach advocated by Hygie represents substantial savings for large centers, and also a very affordable solution for smaller structures such as all long-term care centers and retirement homes.


Like any novelty, the reluctance to change is predictable, when we question tens of thousands of dollars invested in washers and macerators. Choosing change however, brings much better results at all levels in addition to saving money for the organization, but above all, avoids significant complications for users at risk of contracting a nosocomial infection.

Always anxious to support the health institutions during their adaptation period, Hygie works in several ways by proposing complete kits and deliveries adapted to the frequency and volume of use.

Reduce your costs today !